US Congressman Criticizes Obama Policy in Syria

US Congressman Criticizes Obama Policy in SyriaEquityworld Futures Medan : ISIS, Ebola and now Putin in Syria. When a Russian air raid in Syria – a country that was torn by war – made world headlines, the Obama administration’s critics again questioned whether President Obama late to take action in the conflict in Syria.


Senator Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader Republican said, “From repeatedly said he would take unilateral steps to end the war, to disregard the existing weapons to do so to lower the level of trust in many international organizations. The president’s foreign policy is always unpredictable and ineffective. ”


Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell added powers such as Russia, China and Iran seek to exploit lax attitude in order to achieve American hegemony and increase their influence in the region.


President Obama’s reply to the criticism by saying people trying to find “the answer is easy and low-risk” to “very big complicated problem”. He quotes the lessons of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.


“If I make a decision about the level of military involvement in Syria, I have made the decision that if we start something, we need to resolve,” Obama said.


According to Stephen Wayne – expert at Georgetown University, is a classic type of President Obama as a decision based on information and ratios, and always think things through carefully.


“So it could be mistaken for being too cautious. Caution means doing something slowly than quickly. It is the nature of President Obama, “said Wayne.


Wayne added that although conditions in the Middle East are now worse than when President Obama first came to power, he can not be blamed because they did not act quickly, especially in Syria.


“In a democracy, we can not act without broad public support. Obama did not receive public support. He made the remarks on the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and that America would bomb Syria. But then he saw the results of a poll that showed that he did not support the military, “he added.


Professor Matthew Dallek at George Washinton see parallels the attitude of President Obama with former president Bill Clinton has been criticized for not acting quickly and decisively in order to put an end to Serbian atrocities in Kosovo in the late 1990s.


“Military attacks from the air in Kosovo was judged a success, although for several years critics say Clinton just do a little effort and even absent in the Kosovo crisis,” said Dallek.


Is the crisis regarding the transmission of Ebola in West Africa or militant ISIS in the Middle East, analysts say ultimately the response of President Obama to a crisis driven by diverse factors, both media coverage, the public support to take action or just how important the issue was for the president as commander in chief.


Source : VOA